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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 23, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> another day of protests in india despite the crackdown on demonstrations. here are the other top stories on al jazeera. italian prime minister says the country has pulled itself out of the financial crisis. controversy continues in egypt. loyalists say voters have approved the constitution. the opposition says it is a sham. a man known as a little monsters signals the beginning of the end of his illustrious career.
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-- a man known as the little master signals the beginning of the end of his illustrious career. police have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse crowds. people have been voicing anger over the gang rape of a 22-year- old woman. protesters are demanding the death penalty for those accused of the rape as well as better protection for women in india. let's get the latest from new delhi. what is happening now? >> the protesters are very upset. they have been going to protest against the gang rape. they are saying groups with political ambitions have taken over. that is what caused the costs. there has been police retaliation with teargas and
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water cannons. the situation is very tense. >> what about the prospect for the trial itself? i imagine the public outcry will put some pressure on the process of justice. >> justice is so delayed. these people want some kind of justice. hopefully this will bring some form of justice. the conviction rate for rape cases is very low, around 26%. these people want a speedy trial for this particular case as well as other cases. there are 40,000 rape cases pending in the court. they are saying it is not good enough. >> an awful attack has triggered this reaction. i imagine the anger has been
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simmering for some time in india. >> it has been. the security situation for women is really bad. 90% of most violent crimes had been against women. cus. was last year's cen people are fed up. every 20 minutes in india, a woman gets raped. people say it is not good enough and things have to change as soon as possible. >> the outgoing italian prime minister says his country has managed to pull itself of the financial crisis without having to call for a. on friday, he stepped down after silvio berlusconi's party with her support for the government. >> we have a friendship
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feeling, but in the framework that is quite puzzling. this cannot constitute the basis, aside for other reasons, this cannot be the basis for affecting a proposal for me to become the leader of the moderates, he has said. that is the outgoing prime minister. what is next for him? >> is still speaking right now. he has announced he is going to launch some sort of change where he will lay out what whoever
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will the prime minister next year will have to follow to make sure what has been done by his government in the last year is not undone. he has stabilized the economy. now it needs to grow from alan. to grow, you need to pass even more unpopular reforms. he has said whoever wins, the party should not destroy what was billed. it was a pledge to the next government. do not and do what was done by us. do not criticize europe or try to get out of europe. play an active role in it. all of the points he was making almost directed at soviet gross tony who has said he will run for prime minister and has criticized the work of mario monti in the last few months.
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mario monti was talking about silvio berlusconi's ideas. it would be wonderful if the things could be scrapped. he has come out with popular statements that we will scrap what monti has done. monti has said it is not possible because italy needs the money. he is laying out an agenda. he was still doing it and will live. they are things he hopes will take place next february. we do not know what party will
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play in the government. he has not announced who will run as. mr.. will he play any part in the next government? will he allow them to use his name? we do not know yet. we will listen. >> the vote is over but not the controversy. the muslim brotherhood says the people who voted in favor of the new constitution. official results will not be known until a released monday. the draft constitution would represent a significant political -- tryout -- triumph for morsi. >> this result will not help healing any rifts between the opposition and president. the onus will be on the
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leadership of both sides to show some sense of compromise. 30% turnout is one of the worst we have seen in any election or referendum since the revolution. it shows people decided the outcome was a foregone conclusion or they decided to express their objections are not going to the polls. >> there is but a long time of instability with great effect on the economy and people's lives. it seems that this will continue. >> indeed. so many confusing statements. overnight, we saw reports on state media at the head of the central bank tendered his resignation. that would have dealt a serious blow to the egyptian economy. this man has been in the job three years. he still had a few decent years
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on his last term to serve. last night, he retracted the remarks and said he never resigned. today, he attended the cabinet's economic meeting. these confusing signals from the government and opposition are leaving the economy in tatters. a lot of people are saying now is the time for clarity. the judiciary is continuing the share data with president morsi after he tried to dismiss them. the opposition is insisting on keeping its place in the house sq. whether the president will extend a hand to all parties is what we're looking for to see after final results are announced on monday. >> tens of thousands of people in iraq are holding anti-
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government protests. the demonstrators are angry at the rest of the finance minister. his security team is charged with being involved in terrorist operations. he is accusing the prime minister of ordering the arrests, an allegation he denies. russia's foreign minister says he will welcome any country's offer for a safe haven for al assad. he also says syria is using chemical weapons to keep them safe from rebels. united states has warned syria against using the weapons. the army has shelled several districts in the capital. an armed group says it is preparing to impose a no-fly zone over the city. >> we have intelligence proving
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the regime is using commercial flights to transport troops and military gear to murder unarmed civilian people. we issued this warning to all civilians to refrain from using commercial planes to avoid being used as human shields. any plane in the sky will be targeted by anti-aircraft missiles. we have imposed a no-fly zone in this province. this will come into effect within three days. >> let's hear from our correspondent who has an update on the turkish-syrian border. >> an ultimatum was issued. we saw the video on the internet. they told the local population you have to do your duty to take out assad's forces. you have to open the door to rebels or we will launch an attack and engage the assad
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forces. they did not specifically say they see the local community as enemies, but they may be caught in the crossfire. christians are vulnerable, 10% of the population. they have been seen as neutral in the conflict. we heard the u.n. warned about the possibility of this conflict has become sectarian. a lot of danger. a lot of danger especially in this mixed area. christians and aloites have been moving further south. >> coming up, we will tell you why more south african youngsters are taking a skateboarding. and also, and luring russians to
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sunny spain. there is a real temperature contrast for us in europe. in the east, it is bitterly cold. in the west, it is milder. we're seeing a talk temperatures of around 11 or 12. the air is trying to push east on monday. we will see things turned slightly warmer. there is an intense area of what weather. it is piling up over the u.k.. that is why we have the flood warnings. you can see more clouds trying to make its way across europe. as the rain makes its way into the cold air, it is turning more wintry. we will see it turned to snow. behind it is where the milder air is.
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towards the northwest, the rain continues. for the u.k., it will still be very what -- it will still be very soggy. we're looking in the top temperature of around 19 degrees. there is likely to be more in the wake of clouds. there could be showers across libya and parts of egypt.
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green festival, only on link tv. >> welcome back. police in india have used water
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cannons to disperse crowds in new delhi. people have been on the streets for six days voicing anger over the gang rape of a young woman. mario monti says his country has pulled itself out of the financial crisis. he stepped down after silvio berlusconi's right party withdrew support for the government prepare. the vote on the draft constitution in egypt is expected on monday. the moslem brotherhood is claiming victory. a senior provincial minister of been killed in pakistan. he was a political rally. eight others were also killed in the attack. >> the chaotic aftermath of the explosion. the carnage is plain to see. the blast came without warning and left many dead.
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one of those who survived described a moment before the bomb was detonated. >> we were seeing him to his car when the blast stop us. i was right behind him. mee explosion left kne unconscious. before that, and sought a man come fast in front of us. i remember he had a small beard. in the blast happened. >> the taliban said it carried out the attack and will continue to target the party. a former lawyer, he was a senior provincial government minister. his party is the biggest in the kpk province. an anp spokeswoman denounced the taliban and after the attack. >> their killers of humanity and islam.
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i want to challenge the terrorists to attack me but leave the children alone. >> this bombing follows last week's attack on the airport when a taliban assault with rockets and guns left nine people dead. just four days ago, others were shot dead. government ministers across pakistan have called for the battle with the taliban to be intensified. with the recent upsurge in violence, it is not hard to see why. crocks in large fire has swept through the market in the afghan capital of kabul. the fire caused no casualties. shopkeepers say they have lost millions. >> this would normally be a bustling day in one of the busiest parts of kabul.
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everything is closed after a devastating fire. hundreds of shops have been burned. the shopkeepers telling us they have tens of thousands of dollars in the shops. much of the merchandise has been destroyed. it will be difficult to estimate damages. it will probably be in the millions of dollars. " south korea says it has proved north korea's rocket launch was not for peaceful purposes. the defense ministry's released a report. north korea says the satellite -- says iraq was used to pay satellite into space. sunday marks the birthday of the japanese emperor. he reassured crowds he has made a full recovery since having heart bypass surgery in february. he took the opportunity to highlight the plight of the
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aging population. he is part of the oldest monarchy in the world. in south africa, kids from poor neighborhoods are exposed to carbon an early age. kids are now using skateboards to keep themselves off the streets and out of trouble. >> it is his first time on a skateboard. she is a little uneasy, but she wants to learn. it is her way of forgetting about the sometimes dangerous streets of johannesburg. >> they get into troubles in areas like this because of the overcrowding. people get drunk and crazy. they fight. children get hit. >> she lives in an area known for violent crime. high unemployment means many young people are on the streets with nothing to do. the older boys teach the little
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ones, keeping them off the streets and hopefully out of danger. some need more practice. skateboarding is becoming popular. it is moving from the city to townships. they say learning to do it teaches them discipline and confidence. >> when you have challenges, you realize this was hard for me, but i was able to do it. if i can do it in skateboarding, i can do it in life. >> skateboarding is seen as a sport largely intra- by white people. -- largely enjoyed by white people. many still enjoy playing football. skateboarding is new and still expensive. it is hoped in time, more children will take up the sport. the boards are second-hand donations from people who want to promote the sport.
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a dream of becoming champions and making something of their lives. >> a severe cold spell in the ukraine has killed at least 83 people this month. temperatures were as low as 17 below zero celsius. more than 500 have been treated at hospitals across the country. heavy rain in southwest england has left many towns and villages flooded. it has disrupted train services disrupted holiday plans. more rain is expected in the run-up to christmas. the smell from the river catches you from blocks away. the stench comes from toxic waste and then treated sewage. the magazine says the river has made -- the bangladeshi. the worst place to live. >> the level of oxygen is so low
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that nothing can live in the polluted waters. >> they have started dumping completely polluted water and dead soil, waste, everything into the river. >> the river runs through the capital. they are dumping chemicals used to dye clothes into the water. authorities have done nothing to limit dumping. they return -- they rely entirely on nature to clean up the mess. >> there will be fresh water. the polluted waters will be pushed down.
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that is the with the rivers will be cleaned up. >> as of the toxic chemicals were not bad enough, a corporation also discharges tons of solid waste in the water. there are no sewage treatment plants. the city relies solely on the flow of the river to wash away the sewage. the magazine concluded harsco pollution made it the worst city to live in the world. they said even more: cities are more livable. it is not just the water. air pollution is 23 times above the standards set by the world health organization. it is difficult to describe the smell of the river. it is a mixture of topic -- toxic chemicals with human feces. it is unbearable. yet millions of people use the river every day. it is the entry point to the capital. those who live in nearby slums
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dump their garbage in the river. they also washed themselves and their clothing in it. >> it smells, but with so, it's the clothing cleaned. >> authorities have left it to people to care for it. for millions of hindus, the river is sacred. every year, they immerse their gods in the water. for some, bathing in the river remains a sacred ritual. >> more than $3 billion is being handed out across spain on its 200th anniversary lottery. millions of prizes will be awarded. the biggest payout went to
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people in the town on the outskirts of madrid. they were very happy about it. the spanish government is desperate to revive the property market. it is offering foreign buyers an incentive to help shift almost 700,000 unsold properties. >> in the spanish resort, the russian expatriate property agent shows a potential buyer around the property. she is russian. she is looking to trade live in moscow for some sign living on the spanish coast. buyers are about to get a boost from the spanish government. if she spends over $200,000 on new home, she will get a residency permit. it is a big attraction. >> with the new law, more russians will buy. they want to come here and spend
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time with their families. >> this year, she has sold 15 properties to russians. when the new law is introduced, she hopes to sell a lot more. >> i think spain is an attractive country for russians. they like the culture. they seem to feel more at home here than in other countries. >> the spanish government is desperate to kickstart the ailing property section. construction was the engine of the democrats. the bubble burst sidling the banks with over $240 billion in bad debt. across spain, there is a glut of 700,000 unsold properties. the offer of residency permits is meant to sweeten the deal and attract foreign buyers, especially from russia and. >> the size of the problem is important. the only thing we can do to dispose of those properties, to
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sell the minimarkets, would be very helpful for the spanish economy.
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